Not only money, you can negotiate many other things as well

Below are some ideas:

More vacation days

For example, they can give you more vacation days. For example, the job offers you 15 vacation days a year, but you can tell them, “If you can’t increase the salary, can we work on the holidays or the vacations? Can I have five more days of vacation?” Or you can say, “Can you give me five more days of vacation? In that case, I’ll be more refreshed, and I’ll be more energetic. I’ll be burned out while doing the work, and I can use those vacation days to relax and regain my energy. So that would be beneficial for the company.”

Membership for Gym

They can give you a membership to the Gym. Sometimes, companies have contracts with some gyms or fitness clubs, and the employees of that company can get a discount. Companies can also buy you the membership because the company’s benefit is that you will be active and fit. And if the employee is healthy, his performance would be better. Since it benefits the company, the company invests in the employees’ fitness.


They can also give you profit-sharing. If the company makes profits, they will provide you with some money. You will also be motivated to do more work or be more effective because you will think, “If the company makes some benefit, I’ll get some money.” In essence, you will give your best output to make the company more profitable. So it’s a win-win situation for you and the company. So some companies also share that profit.

Learning budget

They can also provide you with a learning budget. It helps you to grow. It allows you to learn new stuff and be up to date with the market. It also benefits the company because if the employee is up to date and is learning new stuff, he can bring new things on board for the company. So it’s also a win-win situation.

More home office

You can also say that you will do more home office work because the company is far away from y our home, and you have to take your children to school. So you want to do more home-office.

Reduced probation period

You can say, “The probation period is six months, but I’m very experienced. Can we reduce the probation period to three months? Can you exclude the probation period?”

Some important points to remember

Don’t throw everything at once

Don’t throw everything at once. Go one by one. You can ask for more vacation days, which is important for you. You can also ask for profit sharing or membership in the Gym.

But which one should you ask first?

Ask yourself, what is important for you? Then ask them one by one; if they agree with your 1–2 requests, then stop. Or, you can also tell them, “I have these four options. Can we work on these? Maybe you can give me more vacation days and membership in the Gym, or maybe you can give me some profit sharing and some learning budget. What do you think?”



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