“How to do well in a Job Interview”: Junaed’s Powerful Framework

1. Tell

The first step is to tell the interviewer about yourself.

Key points

When you go to an interview, the interviewer will first ask you, “Please, tell me about yourself, or, “please introduce yourself.”

How do I tell about myself in a job interview?

I utilize almost 10 minutes to tell about myself. That’s because I have a lot of experience. But those who are fresher or mid-level might not have that much information. But you should talk about yourself, maybe for five minutes, even if you are fresher. I’ll share a framework or template with you in my course so that a senior or an experienced person can use that template. I will also share a template for the freshers.

Tips for freshers

A lot of time, freshers ask, “How can I tell about myself? I’m just a fresher. I don’t have enough experience! No worries. I’ll share a template for both freshers and more experienced people. In my course, you’ll find those two templates. So follow my course. I will also show practical examples of how I tell them about myself, so you can also take ideas from that.

2. Discuss

3. Ask

Ask good questions at the end of the interview. At the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask you, “Do you have any questions for us?” Unfortunately, many people just say that “No, I don’t have any question,” or they ask some very trivial one or two questions, but that’s not good. You should have some questions prepared. There are several reasons for this.

Remove their doubt!

Number one is to prove once again that you have all the qualities for this job. Even if you had that discussion, you had a one-hour-long interview; the interviewer might not have complete confidence in you. You should ask some questions, and with the answer to those questions.

To find out some essential qualifications and to show that you have those

I’ll show you which questions to ask them and answer in a way so that you can prove that you have those core skills!

To decide if you want to join this company if you get an offer!

Another thing is, if you get a job offer from this company, you have to decide whether you will join this company or not. Is it a good match for your career path? You also have to get a lot more information about themselves. You should ask a couple of questions to understand: does this company match your career plan or not? I’ll show you which questions to ask in my course in detail.

4. Show your motivation

The last part is motivation. You have to show that you are highly motivated for this company or the project or the challenges they’re facing because if you are not motivated, that means if you join the company, you might leave very soon. The company wants someone motivated to solve these challenges and problems and motivated for this position or the company. So you have to show that you are motivated.

5. Show your confidence



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