How to identify and answer behavioral questions — STAR-AR method

2 min readMay 26, 2022


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Now, let us see how we can identify the behavioral questions.

Usually, behavioral questions start with phrases like

  • “Tell me a situation when…”,
  • “Tell me when something happened…”,
  • “Tell me what you will have done in that situation”.

They’ll ask you questions like that. But in my opinion, many technical or knowledge-based questions are behavioral questions. For example, what did you do in that project? What did you learn from the project? Do you know about this technology?

All these look like technical questions and these are technical questions. But in my opinion, these are also behavioral questions; because they try to understand how you behave in certain situations. How do you use your knowledge under certain situations and so on?

There’s a method or framework you can use to answer behavioral questions. It’s called Star: ST-AR/AR. What does it mean?

ST — Situation, Task

S means the situation. What was the situation? When, where, and what? In my course, we'll see an example in detail to help you understand it more clearly. But here, we are just trying to understand from the top level.

Then comes T. T means task. What was the task? What was your responsibility?

A — Action

Then comes A. A is for action. What action did you take?

R — Result

Then comes R. R means result. What was the result? What was the outcome? Can you include any data to support your claim?

A — Alternative action

The second A in the framework means alternative action. You have already taken action. You saved that one. What alternative could you have done there?

R — Alternative result

Finally, the second R in the framework means alternative results. What would have been the result of this alternative action?

In my course, we will see example questions and how I answer those behavioral questions using this ST-AR/AR method.

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