First question to ask at the end of the interview

3 min readMay 25, 2022

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Let’s look at some example questions you can ask at the end of the interview.

The 1st question I ask usually is:

“Which skills or qualities are important for this role?”

The benefits of this question

I can show that I have the required qualities.

For example, if the interviewer answers that

  • communication, teamwork, and work with minimal supervision are very important for this role

Then I say,

  • “You mentioned some very good points.”
  • Then I tell some past events to show that I have these qualities. Here, I give an example of it.

How do I show my communication skill

For example, if the interviewer says communication skill is very important, I tell him, “Hey, once I had some problems in our project. Our team was falling behind on the delivery date. I saw how our velocity was going on, how many tasks we had at hand, and the delivery date. I figured out that we would not be able to reach the delivery date. Then I talked with all the stakeholders. I talked with our teammates. I talked with our marketing team and the sales team. I talked with the customer, and then I found a way to solve the problem.”

As you see here, I demonstrated my communication skills at a past event; I communicated with everyone, and then I found a solution.

Then I tell the solution approach. For example, we scooped out some features which were not very important for the customer. And we talked with the teammates, “Hey, how can we better approach the problems? Why are we lagging behind the delivery date? Why is our velocity not that high?” I tried to figure out the problems, and I realized that one senior member had moved from the team and had a lot of knowledge. So we are lagging behind with that knowledge, and we have to learn some new stuff. That took us more time, so we did some workshops and shared all of our knowledge. After that, we had the necessary knowledge and talked to the customer about scoping out some features. In this way, we solved the problem.

How do I show my teamwork skill?

If the interviewer says that teamwork is very important, I will tell them I work with different people from different countries and work with different teams. For example, I work with the development team. I work with the finance team. I work with the management team. I communicate with them, and my teamwork is outstanding. I help them, and I ask them whenever there is a problem. My communication is good, and I’m an excellent team player. I keep my doors open to help others so that the project goes well and people can solve their problems faster.

Those were some examples of my past experience. So from your experience, you should prepare some events which you can tell to show that you have these qualities.

Usually, when you ask which skills or qualities are important for this role, the answer is not very wide in the interview.

Often the answer is:

  • communication,
  • teamwork,
  • work with minimal supervision,
  • and maybe some knowledge of your area.

For example, since I’m a software engineer, in my case, the core skills will be something like Java or Cloud. If you are working on marketing, there will be something else. So you have to prepare.

Think about what happened before in your work and prepare some examples to again tell them,
“Hey, you need these skills, and I have these skills,” because you talk with them for almost one hour. And maybe they forgot a lot of things. This is the chance to recreate the impression. This is the last time, so they will remember what you talked about at the end.

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